Mindset Makeover

5 Weeks

5 Sessions

Initial 60-minute intake review and Clarity coaching session, followed by four weekly 45-minute one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions + email support.

One payment in full of $800,

or two monthly payments of $450.


Do you have unfulfilled dreams or goals in your heart? Do you want to make a career change or start your own business, but struggle with confidence, discipline, impostor syndrome, or fear of the unknown? Has your progress in life been slowed or stalled by stress or anxiety? Is it difficult for you to make time for yourself, experience gratitude and joy, practice self-care, and pursue your goals? Do you find yourself being more reactive than proactive in your day to day activities? Are you weathering a major life transition or loss and seek healthy coping strategies? 


The Mindset Makeover program can help you to:

  • Gain clarity around life goals and the courage to pursue them.

  • Identify, release, and replace limiting beliefs and harmful habits. 

  • Practice consistency of thought and healthy habits to cultivate a stronger mindset and achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Create and enforce guilt-free boundaries around your time.

  • Develop greater focus, resilience, and capacity for growth. 

  • Feel and show up like your best self.

The Mindset Makeover program follows Abra's signature '5Cs Approach' (Clarity, Courage, Connection, Consistency, and Creation) to mental and emotional well-being, habit building, and personal or professional goal setting. The program is designed as a progressive building of one step to the next, with compounding benefits and habit reinforcement over the five-week duration.

While the Mindset Makeover follows a guided program structure, specific weekly session content and action steps are tailored based upon individual needs, goals, and circumstances.

Mindset Coaching + Lifestyle Design

3-Month Program

7 Sessions

90-minute intake review and Clarity coaching session, followed by six

bi-weekly 60-minute one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions + email support.

One payment in full of $1650,

or three monthly payments of $625.

6-Month Program

14 Sessions

90-minute intake review and Clarity coaching session, followed by 13

bi-weekly 60-minute one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions + email support.

One payment in full of $2950,

three monthly payments of $1075,

or six monthly payments of $575.

Do you desire a greater sense of fulfillment or satisfaction with the current trajectory or your life or career? Do you feel like you are made for more or have bigger dreams for your life, but don't know how to get started? Is self-image, confidence, discipline, or focus a progress blocker in your life? Have you developed unhealthy patterns with food or finances and need more support to make real and lasting change? Do you want more fulfilling personal relationships, or wish you had more effective communication or conflict resolution skills? Would guided support and ongoing accountability help you

to move forward and take positive action more courageously and consistently? 


The Mindset Coaching + Lifestyle Design program can help you to:

  • Release limiting beliefs about yourself and your capabilities.

  • Replace unhealthy habits with daily actions that move the needle on your goals.   

  • Cultivate a stronger, more positive mindset, greater focus, resilience, and capacity for growth.

  • Take control of your life and reset your trajectory.

  • Define and set personal and professional goals. 

  • Develop a plan and identify strategies for achieving your goals. 

  • Create a schedule that reflects your priorities and honors your personal needs.

  • Connect more deeply to your authentic best self and spiritual practices.

  • Feel and show up more confidently and consistently. 

  • Learn how to optimize nutrition and movement for increased health. 

  • Strengthen and expand personal relationships, and improve communications skills.

  • Redesign your physical environments to inspire joy and enhance productivity.

The Mindset Coaching + Lifestyle Design program structure and content are tailored to individual client needs, goals, and circumstances. All programs begin with introductory mindset work, unless client has previously completed Mindset Makeover.



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